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Gamification life cycle

Gamification is not exclusive to millennials or tech-savvy youngsters. This can be a strategic move to engage events’ participants in a more productive way, facilitate networking, drive desired behavior and accomplish events’ goals.

An event app with gamification features can help you leave a memorable impression in the minds of your event participants. For example, be it a company retreat or a tour and travel expo, you can use in multiple ways to achieve a range of event targets.

Gamification ignites the competitive spirit of event participants and raises excitement level, as they move into the next stages of competitions, winning rewards on the way.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started.

1: Set up interesting games like Scavenger Hunt

Games like Scavenger Hunt can boost engagement and encourage conversations among event participants.

Businesses can also use gamification for purely entertainment purposes. For example, we at Web Spiders had used Event Gamification and AR solution of app suite to boost engagement at a company retreat held in Ibiza, Spain.

With 3,000+ app downloads and 800+ active players, the app solution championed the event goal and was also a huge success with all the event participants.

2: Ensure participants cover most of the exhibitor booths

The beauty of a Treasure Hunt or a Scavenger Hunt game is that event organizers can leave clues at various places of venues and lead participants to cover most of the important booths.

The system admin(s) of the event app can easily add or modify questions from the backend, change the mode of game play, add or edit locations, set the winning score, fix the number of retries, set the badges, set the date of activation and set the success and failure messages.

Add or Modify Contest Questions

3: Facilitate conversations among event participants

Gamification can facilitate networking among event participants on the basis of shared interests.

For example, if you’re holding an event or conference on ‘The Impact of Global Warming on Diverse Ecosystems’, you can hold a quiz contest on ‘The Impact of Global Warming on Marine Ecosystem’. This can initiate peer-to-peer discussions among students or educationists or environmentalists and help you achieve the event goal.

You can map event participants (having similar interests), generate QR codes from the backend and send them notifications on contests or polls.

What else? You can incentivize donations and champion worthy causes with the help of gamification.

Gamification for Fundraising

Most people champion donations for noble causes. Gamification can give an additional impetus to this. It can turn the most mundane activities into the most fun and engaging ones.

Games with can help you support worthy causes. You can incentivize participants where more they donate, more points they win.

Before wrapping up the blog, let’s figure out some important terms associated with gamification.

  • Leaderboard

You can use leaderboards to display rankings of participants. The latter can share them on their social media walls.

  • Badges

When done right, the badges can become powerful tools of engagement. Badges can engage participants, motivate actions and promote learning.

Image of event gamification badges
Event Gamification Badges
  • Make a friend

With the help of ‘Make A Friend’ feature of, you can promote networking among event participants with similar interests.

Map participants with similar interests
Map Participants with Similar Interests

The YouTube video on is a teaser. Know more about trending event techs like Gamification and AR and stay updated. Write to us and request a demo to apply the trendy tech solutions in your next events.

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