How Enhanced its Features List in 2018

With every passing year, the event industry is leaning harder on automated processes fueled by evolving event techs. Let’s have a look at the following event tech trends which were popular in 2018:

AI or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is one of the biggest influencers of the event industry.

Right from AI-enabled chatbot conversation with website visitors to sending personalized follow-up emails to a targeted audience, AI is raising engagement and helping salespeople closing business deals successfully.

Gamification driven tools are enhancing attendee experience.

Gamification is facilitating engagement and networking among event attendees. The aim is to keep the excitement burning with the help of contests and rewards. AR ‘Augmented Reality’ and VR ‘Virtual Reality’ driven tools are now integral parts of event apps.

Event attendees are now more self-reliant.

1: They can download sales or marketing collaterals from the exhibitor booths or kiosks and save them in their mobile devices.

2: They can find out session venues, cafeterias, food courts or washrooms easily with digital tags.

3: There is no need to waste time by visiting individual booths. Beacons can sense the presence of attendees near a booth and send them all information about exhibited products/ services or notes on brand introduction/ awareness.

No wonder that we kept track of all developments and introduced the most advanced features to our products and services.

Our 2018 was marked by the launch of some new products.

We also rebranded our event app suite.

Have a look at our 2018’s achievements.

The new name & the new look

event2mobile is now You will say, “What’s in a name?” For a brand, the name matters. The name is more relevant to the current event industry, draws attention to the expanded sets of features which are heavily dependent on evolving event techs.

We started the journey with event2mobile, 9 years ago. At that time, it was primarily a mobile platform for B2B events.

Now it is an elaborate enterprise event app and conference app suite comprising of 6 broad categories of products and several other sub-categories of products.


e2m is an all-comprehensive lead retrieval solution for exhibitors/ sponsors/ vendors.

According to Salesforce, 80% of event exhibitors don’t follow-up leads after 2 attempts. It also adds that 50% leads convert after 4 attempts. meets the gap. captures leads, sends marketing collaterals, promotes productive engagement and follow-up politely and persistently on the basis of narrowed down analytics reports.

You can engage your human resources to activities that require expertise while ZOE AI forwards leads when they are hot.

The launch of e2m reg

e2m reg is a mobile-first registration page maker solution that aims to simplify the processes of making event registration pages by people with minimum technical know-how.

It offers a wide range of colorful templates to choose from and multiple options to customize them; quick and simple set up steps to follow; collect information of attendees, create their profiles and send them personalized emails.

To secure financial details of event attendees and to safely transfer fund, e2m reg enables easy and secure third-party payment gateway integration.

ZOE outbound messaging

Like all other industries, B2B industry is highly competitive. Hence, businesses must choose accurate channels to reach out to clients. ZOE outbound messaging helps businesses to be heard, by the right people.

ZOE is our conversation AI bot platform. It can help businesses communicate with clients 24*7. With ZOE outbound messaging, we enhanced ZOE’s features.

Top features of ZOE outbound messaging are as follows:

1: One can schedule outbound messaging via FB, websites and text channels.

2: One can trigger, start and continue conversations via the ZOE bot.

3: A bot cannot handle untrained queries. Based on signals like confidence scores, humans can jump in and take the control of conversations.

4: ZOE outbound messaging supports 3 popular communication channels- the FB, web communication and text channels like SMS.

5: One can send notifications and follow-up messages with zero-friction. There is no need to download apps or to have an internet connection to perform above-mentioned tasks.

Real-time event polls

Recently we conducted a polls-enterprise scalability test on app suite. With 300,000+ votes in 57 seconds, the results of polls-enterprise scalability test of are nothing short of amazing.

The results are as follows:

1: In 57 seconds, 300,000+ total votes were cast.

2: The app suite ran smoothly throughout the poll.

3: There was not a single report of a breakdown.

4: The app suite handled 946 users concurrently.

5: The response time was as low as 134 milliseconds. ended 2018 on a high note

The year 2018 was a roller-coaster ride for us and we fully enjoyed it because we surpassed our clients’ expectations on many fronts. We are looking forward to cover extra miles this year and build milestones.

Those who want to make the most of the advancing event techs and accomplish event goals should hurry up and write to us so that our reps can contact them in a jiffy and give detailed information.

Don’t forget to request a demo. It’s free!

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