Want to Organize Events with Multitrack Sessions? e2m.live can Help

To pull events with hundreds of tracks and thousands of sessions is tough (to say the least). Dynamic event organizers can never say no to event apps like e2m.live which can help them sort out multitrack agendas easily and quickly.


Many event organizers throughout the world have used e2m.live to fit in multitrack agendas in mobile devices, maintain amazing look and feel of agendas with easy and intuitive navigation.

E2m.live helps attendees to maximize benefits out of events as the latter can personalize their agendas, mark and filter tracks, sync their calendars to get proactive alerts etc.

Requirements of no two event attendees are same. Hence, it is always better to offer them the option of personalizing their agendas according to their necessities.

Key Features of Personalized Agendas

1: Attendees can set their personalized itinerary via e2m.live.

2: Using e2m.live, they can explore 3 categories of an agenda- Time, Tracks and My Agenda.

3: The filter option makes it easy to search and explore tracks.

4: Colorful tags help attendees to select tracks.

5: Attendees can sync their Google calendars with session times.

6: No more FOMO as e2m.live will send proactive notifications and alert attendees right on time.

7: Once event attendees figure out their choicest sessions and tracks, they can enroll their names to sessions by filling-up registration forms.

8: With the support of personalized agendas, attendees can bookmark sessions, keynote and plenary speakers, vendors or exhibitor booths/ demos etc.

9: Attendees can easily access the lists of speakers, exhibitors or sponsors and gather detailed information about them.

The Highlights

1: User-friendly Agendas: Sessions on particular tracks are labeled with similarly colored tags. Event attendees get clear views of which sessions go together. Attendees can see them all or filter their searches by any combination of tracks.

2: Easy Set Up and Deployment: Event organizers can create and modify agendas through e2m.live dashboard.

Event organizers can also import agendas and monitor session tracks.

With e2m.live, it is easy to create new tracks and tag different tracks with different colors.

Also, it is easy to fit a session in different tracks.

3: Simple Feedback Process: Using e2m.live, attendees can evaluate events, sessions, speakers, vendors or exhibitors. It is as simple as to click the ‘Vote’ button on one’s agenda.

4: Send Notifications on Session Capacity: Event organizers can set session capacity, display waitlists and inform event attendees on the number of available and confirmed seats.

Event organizers can also notify attendees on invalid sessions.

When sessions are full, event organizers can send alert messages to attendees via e2m.live.

5: Easy to Reschedule Meetings: Event attendees can reschedule meetings in their agendas. The latter get notifications about the change of meeting schedules and can make adjustments accordingly.

Parting Thoughts

Simplified search processes, meeting schedules, and voting functionalities of personalized agendas ensure better engagement. To leave a lasting impression in the minds of event attendees, it is important to simplify processes to create, access and manage multitrack events.

Event organizers can write to us and get detailed information along with a free demo. To get a call on-time, mention the time in the ‘Contact Us’ form.

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