7 Golden Rules to Generate Leads from Events like A Pro

Exhibitors or vendors can use a lead retrieval app and collect valuable leads from events like trade shows etc. Take a look at the 7 best practices to follow.

Ideal practices

1: Plan ahead with customized agendas:

  • Event apps can help exhibitors to have valuable information about attendees. Interest matchmaking is one such way. There is no one-size-fits-all rule to approach, interact and follow-up with attendees.
  • Attendees can customize their agenda and fix meetings with exhibitors according to their interests or requirements.

2: Create awareness using beacons:

  • Beacons are also powerful tools for exhibitors to attract booth visitors and thus, generate leads.
  • Simply place them near booths and use interest matching to issue alerts to nearby visitors who would be best served by the exhibitor products or services.

3: Evaluate and choose the best leads:

  • One can run polls/ QA sessions with event apps and rate participants on the basis of scores. Exhibitors can also customize questionnaires to select valuable leads.
  • Attendees can also rate events and their overall experience. Based on ratings and interest matchmaking, exhibitors can prepare lists of best leads with the help of lead capture solutions.

4: Distribute sales/ marketing collateral with apps:

  • Based on interests matchmaking, event apps can notify attendees about exhibitors’ booths. Attendees can download brochures from apps and store them in their mobile devices.
  • Attendees can browse marketing/ sales materials, gather detailed information about exhibited products/ services or brands, and much more via self-service exhibit booths.

5: Engage with kiosk/ booth visitors using gamification:

  • Attendees can participate in games, track their scores on leaderboards, post them on social walls, win rewards and also interact with fellow participants.
  • Through CMS controlled gamification, exhibitors can enable/disable games/ contests, create and set badges for different games/ contests and track and report all activities of participants.

6: Focus on networking with meeting modules and beacons:

  • Event managers can receive detailed analytics reports and insights about attendees by using intuitive meeting modules. Attendees are automatically matched based on their interests and requirements.

With the help of apps like e2m Exhibitor Lead App, exhibitors can import these reports, choose participants on the basis of interests matchmaking, schedule meetings or arrange some contests and facilitate networking.

  • Attendees can choose to enable/disable location trackers, find out other participants with similar interests, customize their agenda and fix meetings among themselves.

Beacons help exhibitors to get floor analytics reports. They send push notifications on the basis of parameters like attendee location, the sessions they participate in or meetings they attend to etc.

7: Develop online assets by creating event websites and business profiles on social media:

  • Using event apps, exhibitors can create event websites and deploy them in minutes. Some event apps offer multiple templates, logos, and themes to choose from. Exhibitors can also customize them according to their business requirements.
  • Exhibitors should interact with attendees via aesthetically designed websites with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive menus. They must also create business profiles on social media, share content, answer attendees’ questions, and participate in discussions.

With databases of valuable leads, exhibitors can follow best practices of follow-up, enhance the chances of successful business deals and raise ROI. Stay tuned in for our next blogs and find out how an automated follow-up event app can help exhibitors send polite and persistent follow-ups.

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