How Event Apps Help Save Time

B2B Event Apps Help you Save Time

B2B Event Apps Help you Save Time

‘Are you busy?’ We all have faced this question at some time or other. The answer varies with situations.

However, B2B event organizers are almost always busy. Businesses fix event dates and organizers get a few days only to make all arrangements.

What if event organizers can speed up processes while on-the-move?

Welcome to the world of latest event apps which can quicken up and simplify B2B event processes.

We are going to find out how event organizers can use e2m Enterprise Event App and save on time.

A short description of e2m Enterprise Event App app suite is a secure app platform for holding enterprise events and conferences. It is comprised of six products. One of the products is e2m Enterprise Event App. It is also a dynamic conference app.

Ways in which e2m Enterprise Event App can reduce process times

Some businesses hold multiple events throughout the year. Some events repeat after a fixed interval of time. Organizers of such events can save time and money if instead of single event apps, they use a multi-event app.

e2m Enterprise Event App is a multi-event app. The list of advantages are as follows:

1: There is no need to wait for the approval of app makers to add new events. Once the app is published, event organizers can immediately add latest events.

2: As there is no need to promote individual events, lots of time and money are saved. Attendees can create their individual profiles and use them to get access to all events.

3: Unrestricted access to all events can raise security concerns. Event organizers can generate unique codes to control and manage access to events. They can also hide events meant for private lists of attendees.

Organizers can publish event news and notify attendees about the latest updates in simple ways that save lots of time. Please read the following points:

1: Instead of sending newsletters, organizers can publish latest event news.

2: Event organizers need not have to individually notify attendees. Latter automatically receive news notifications.

3: There is no need to search for best news or PR publishing sites.

Earlier, event organizers had to appoint typists or shorthand experts to take session notes. Let us see how e2m Enterprise Event App can make the lives of event organizers, pretty much easier.

1: Event organizers can record and publish notes of individual sessions in no time.

2: They can share them with registered attendees.

3: Event attendees can also personalize session notes and add points.

Similar to session notes, event organizers can upload and share session presentations and handouts. They can also set different access permissions for different groups of attendees. What is more, the time taken to complete all these processes is very less.


B2B event apps can reduce event process times significantly. In an increasingly competitive market, B2B event apps are giving an edge to event organizers. To choose the best, prepare a checklist.

Contact us to know more about e2m Enterprise Event App and app suite. You can share your contact information, book an appointment and get a free demo.

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