How to Make your Chatbot Sound Natural?

Natural Sounding Chatbots

Natural Sounding Chatbots

Recently, the State of California passed a bill that requires companies to disclose the identities of chatbots. The law will come into effect on July 1, 2019.

This is an interesting development. It says a lot about advancements in AI. AI-enabled chatbots are blurring the line between human and machine interaction over the phone or on the internet. People are finding it difficult to tell the difference between chatbots and humans.

Impacts of court order on businesses

The court order is not against advancements in AI. In fact, businesses can reap the benefits of disclosing identities of chatbots. Let us focus on the positive sides of the court order.

By disclosing the identity of chatbots:

  • Businesses can enhance their credibility.
  • Businesses can widen their bases of loyal customers.
  • Businesses can develop a reputation in markets.

We in Web Spiders believe that chatbots should never hide their identities. However, we also do not expect them to give blunt responses like: “Hi! I am a robot.”

How can chatbots disclose their identities without sounding awkward?

During online conversation, if chatbots greet people with responses like “Hi, I am a robot”, we wonder how many will continue with the conversation!
The key to success depends on up-to-date AI training.

Outcomes of AI training:

1: During online interaction, people can expect some witty responses from chatbots. Take a look at the following screenshot and see how our e2m Event Chatbot responds to queries like: “Are you a bot?”

Chatbot Witty Response

Such responses are capable of holding people’s attention. This is an example of honesty presented on a fine bone china plate.

2: More the number of variations of a query, more kudos to AI-trainers.

Chatbot Witty Response

Variation 1

Response Variation

Variation 2

Response Variation 2

Variation 3

3: Witty responses to generic queries can lead to interesting small talks. Have a look at how our e2m Event Chatbot holds small talks and add a human touch to conversations.

Chatbot Small Talk

Big brands are coming up with some excellent AI-enabled bots which are practically erasing all differences between human conversation and bot conversation. These brands are raising the bar for the entire industry.

Duplex and Google I/O 2018

At Google I/O 2018, even seasoned developers could not believe their ears when they heard the recorded conversation between Duplex, an AI-enabled phone scheduling for SMBs, and human beings. It was practically impossible to tell the difference between a man and the machine.


We wonder how fast the difference between sci-fi and reality is reducing. We will continue to focus on improving functionalities of AI-driven chatbots.

Businesses cannot wait till the time developers build ultimate versions of AI-enabled chatbots. They need to take help of the best available products with regular updates. So, hurry up and contact us! Book free demos on e2m Event Chatbot.

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