Which Trends will Influence B2B Event Industry in 2019?

Event Trends for 2019

Event Trends for 2019

The one industry that never goes through a lean period is the B2B event industry. The end and the beginning months of a year see a rise in the number of events and hence, it’ll be a cool idea to know the trends which are going to impact the event industry in 2019.

1: Up-to-date content

Competition is pacing up in the event industry. Nowadays, most organizers can afford only a few weeks to arrange events. Given the fact that event content plays such a pivotal role in the success of events, organizers should be extra careful about THE CONTENT.

The need of the hour is to present the audiences with up-to-date content. Event organizers should sit for meetings with speakers and delegates and ensure that the content does justice to the event agenda.

2: Emphasize on seating arrangements

Seating structure for events mostly follow 2 styles: i) ballroom seating ii) round-table seating.

For client-focused events, seating arrangements can greatly influence audience behavior. Ballroom seating arrangement layout is a general framework. It is not an ideal set-up.

Experts have observed that innovations in seating arrangements can help event participants to come up with new ideas. Ensure that the seating arrangement goes along the event spirit.

It is needless to reiterate that, event organizers share majority of the responsibility. Hence, they should notify speakers about the seating arrangement in advance. It helps in embracing the creative layout.

3: Focus on the complete experience

B2B events are functionality-driven, for example, sales meetings, partner meetings or launch of some services. Aims of events wash out if audiences do not apply outcomes to their workplaces. Hence, organizers should emphasize the overall experience.

Enterprise event apps like E2M Live can enhance audience participation, facilitate engagement and promote networking. Via the app social wall, a speaker can integrate his/her content with others. Gamification and Augmented Reality can help enhance attendee engagement as well as inspire audiences to participate in events.

4: Importance of pre-event and post-event activities

Event participants with the right kind of mindsets are the biggest assets for any event organizer. Pre-event activities should induce proper mindsets among attendees. Guided expectations from events, their fulfillment at events and their appropriate application at workplaces; this is the ideal goal cycle of any B2B event.

Pre-event activities include video interaction between speakers and attendees. Event organizers can provide event attendees with takeaway infographics among other post-event articles.

Make the most of the event industry in 2019. Explore and innovate. Let technology take the leading role.

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