Data Breach Nightmares? Here’s What You Do!

Event App Security

Event App Security

News of data breach is no hoax! It’s real and can involve the most trusted industry biggies like Facebook, leaving us in doubt about the security of our personal information.

Industries, where lots of data transfer is involved, must be particularly careful about data security. Hence, we understand why our clients harp on the matter of confidentiality of data at events.

The significance of data security at enterprise events

A survey report has suggested that the growing diversity of mobile devices in use by event attendees is complicating the security aspect of enterprise events. With the rising number of enterprise events and implementation of new data security laws, organizers must ensure secure data storage, management and transfer processes.

Event apps with robust data security features can be apt solutions for security issues.

Below-mentioned ways can ensure the security of event apps:

1: Optimize apps according to OS
When we talk about the security of mobile apps, we mean both fronts, that is, mobile devices and their operating systems. Optimized mobile apps, for particular operating systems, bolster their security.

iOS-based devices

Apple’s policy enforcement rules are very strict. Hence, app developers need to adhere to them. Once when Apple disapproved certain iOS classes, many enterprise mobile apps became obsolete.

Enterprise event app vendors use MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, that is an integral component of EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) to identify, access and manage mobile device application processes.

MDM software optimizes the functionality and security aspects of mobile devices while securing the corporate network.

Android-based devices

Given a wider market of Android-based devices, it is important to keep them secure. A4W or Android for Work program allows mobile app managers to monitor the security aspects of apps. A4W is also capable of segregating and managing multiple profiles for personal and professional applications.

2: Single Sign-On

Single sign-on 0Auth 2.0 delegation protocol is ideal for mobile device users. Mobile app developers use them to transfer authorization accesses throughout networks that include apps and corresponding APIs.

0Auth 2.0 ensures secure authentication process by including 2-steps in the overall sign-on process. At the entry level, users have to provide user-id and password, and, in the next level, the delegation protocol generates a PIN.

3: App wrapping

Imagine a mobile app being kept within a capsule. We can imagine the overlapping security. App wrapping is supported by most MDM solutions and it can be easily integrated into mobile devices.

App wrapping ensures the security of a particular app from the rest of others.

App wrapping is ideal for enterprise event apps because it requires sharing information. Industry experts don’t recommend it for private applications.

4: Network and device encryption

One of the most popular encryption types followed for securing data transfer via mobile apps is, Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN).

Advantages are as follows:

  • No need to deploy third-party client software.
  • Hence, you can easily install it.
  • Gives more robust outbound network security.

Another popular encryption method followed by event app developers is HTTPS/SSL connections.

Advantages are as follows:

  • Robust public-key cryptography.
  • Highly secure.
  • Practically unhackable network.

For secure enterprise integration, developers of e2m Enterprise Event App use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption technique. Data access security is implemented using Channel Secure.

Advantages are as followed:

  • AES can be deployed for software as well as for hardware.
  • AES is more robust against hacking.
  • AES security protocol can be used for various applications.

A free demo can put more light on the security features of E2M Live, an AI-enabled enterprise event app suite. Fill the form attached to our website and we’ll get back to you at the exact time, chosen by you.

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