Is B2B Finally Finding its “Voice”?

voice bots in B2B event industry

voice bots in B2B event industry

The success of AI-enabled voice recognition technique in the B2C space has prompted tech companies to extend it to the B2B industry as well.

Earlier, people were skeptical about touch screens. Now, they cannot imagine a life without touch-screen enabled mobile devices.

Voice-recognition techniques for the B2B industry are going through a similar phase.

Traditionally, new technologies and platforms have been implemented in the B2B space at first. However, in the case of voice recognition technique, we see a reverse in the trend.

Why are voice recognition devices not yet so popular with B2B industry?

According to a top tech official of Microsoft, the B2B industry is deferring the adoption of voice recognition techniques because of many reasons. For example, more research works need to be done on how and where voice applications can be implemented. In addition, it is important to recognize commercial use cases.

There are plenty of use cases for Alexa and the likes in the B2C space. Consumers are engaging with Alexa via music. Smart homes themselves can be ideal use cases for voice recognition.

However, things are gradually changing for the B2B industry.

Steps taken by the big brands

Companies like Amazon are investing in research and development to integrate voice recognition techniques with smart devices. Investment in skill development ensures accurate recognition of speakers so that the voice-enabled devices can perform better.

The voice service platform developed by Amazon is simplifying the functions of teams of developers. The ultimate aim is to assist brands which want to voice-enable their services and products.

Voice bots and B2B events

B2B event industry has been using AI-enabled chatbots for multiple reasons. Developed by Web Spiders Group, Ernie, the chatbot became an immense success with C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) participants in 2017.

If chatbots can raise the popularity of B2B events to such an extent, voice bots can do even better.

Future prospects of voice bots in B2B events

Some renowned tech companies are integrating voice bots with B2B event apps. One fine example is Event2Mobile (e2m) Event Voice Bot that has been developed by us. Event participants can interact with the voice bot via Alexa virtual assistant.

Given the fact that 20% of adults in the US are using smart speaker devices and survey results predicting that by 2020, around 40% of consumers will use voice tech to search and shop, it is no wonder that voice bots will influence B2B event industry, big time.

B2B event attendees love to interact among themselves with the aid of latest tools. No wonder then that they will be excited to use voice bots too.

Write to us and know all about voice bots, their key features and advantages for your businesses. We will also send you free demos. You can also mention a preferred time and our technical experts will revert back to you with the requisite information.

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