Case Study – A globally renowned enterprise event engagement company

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A globally renowned enterprise event engagement company

An automated sales lead engagement and follow-up assistant that could help them do most of the grunt work in sales.

e2m AI email marketing bot- ZOE.

1.5K+ Sales leads
5K+ Email follow-ups
25+ Hot leads
50+ Sales meetings scheduled

Every Sales Executive’s Dream- A dedicated AI sales assistant

For a globally renowned event engagement company, as their business boomed, so did the exhaustion of their workforce. With the number of events increasing, all their sales executives were busy doing the grunt work- following up with the hundreds of leads they had, leaving them very little time to innovate! This meant they needed a solution that could automate most of the repetitive tasks and do so smartly! We at event2mobile, knew exactly how this was possible.

ZOE, the e2m AI email marketing bot, powered by Artificial Intelligence is like a personal assistant for every sales executive that not only keeps a track of when to send the next email follow-up but also ‘understands’ when to back off!

Email automation is not just about sending mass emails. Personalising sales emails is a time-tested method to ensure better results from any email marketing campaign. ZOE allowed the client to send personalised emails to all their leads, even using relevant small talks as ice-breakers.

email follow-up automation

An automated workflow that mimics any other sales funnel!

ZOE sent pitching emails with an appropriate introduction and relevant small talk managed by the internal AI engine. In case of no response, it sent a follow-up mail, keeping holidays and weekends into consideration. The frequency of emails and number of follow-ups were different for each campaign. Emails were focused on setting up meetings with the sales executives and the workflow that started with ZOE sending pitching emails, stopped when the lead showed an interest.

zoe email workflow

An email bot with an intelligence of its own!

The AI training engine continuously trains the email bot to understand the contextual nature of replies, allowing it to differentiate between positive and negative responses. So, even if the lead showed the slightest of interest, ZOE picked it up just like any attentive sales executive would! When a lead wasn’t interested, ZOE’s smart AI engine marked it cold- helping their sales reps concentrate only the ones that mattered!

Persistent follow-ups = increased number of meetings scheduled

One of the biggest problems the client’s sale team faced was missing out on leads because they did not follow-up enough! By using ZOE email, we gave a smart AI assistant that they could rely on. It took an average of 4 follow-ups before a lead turned into a prospect, making the entire sales process more effective and less resource-hungry!

In a short span of 6 months, there were 50+ meetings scheduled, 25+ Hot leads and 5K+ email follow-ups! With a lead conversion rate of 1.5%, ZOE email bot reduced the workload of the sales team considerably.

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