5 Massive Recent Developments in the Events Industry

Top 5 tech stories for event planners

Top 5 tech stories for event planners

In the last phase of 2018, let’s have a rundown on the top 5 tech stories that no event planner will ever want to miss out:

1: LinkedIn to make its presence felt in the events world

When a networking site for professionals and business people venture into the events world, one can easily sense the potential encapsulated in the later. Earlier in this month, LinkedIn announced, to begin with, testing phases of its events tools with selective groups in NYC and San Francisco.

Hopefully, LinkedIn users all over the world will be able to use this feature in next few months.

While both Facebook and Instagram are improving their features, dedicated to link professionals and businessmen, LinkedIn’s entry in the events world is an interesting development.

Until now, it seems like LinkedIn is greatly inspired by Facebook’s event API. Event attendees can view who else is attending, chat with fellow attendees and invite others to join events.

2: Instagram to target millennial event participants with long-form videos

Time to give YouTube a taste of tough competition. Instagram is going to raise its video time-limit from 1 minute to 10 minutes. Insiders hope that the move will pull a big chunk of young audiences from YouTube to Instagram.

Account holders with a large number of followers will be able to post videos with a maximum of 1-hour duration. This will boost the popularity of live videos on Instagram.

3: Tech tools to reduce travel stress of busy event planners

You can place a Bluetooth tracker in your bags and connect it to your mobile device. Be sure of the safety of your baggage.

No need to strike-off items from your shopping list in fear of exceeding permissible limit of free luggage on your next flight. A USB scale allows you to weigh your luggage on the go.

Couldn’t catch up enough sleep last night due to some strange hotel noise? Can opt from noise-canceling headphones or some noise-canceling standalone devices.

4: Advanced events tools to successfully implement data protection laws

It is hard to come out of the data breach shock that involved social networking giant Facebook and a private political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is facing 5 hundred thousand Pounds as penalty amount to be paid to authorities in the UK.

Seeing such huge organizations involved in data breach scandal, we cannot deny the necessity of robust data protection laws like GDPR.

As event planners, you need to focus on regular activities like sending the lists of delegates to hotels or using open Wi-Fi networks. You should recognize the risk factors associated with these activities.

You should assure events participants that their personal and confidential data are in the safe hand, and that, you’re serious about data protection.

5: Blockchain to put a curb on ticket resales and unregulated touting

Some companies are ready to revolutionize the events industry with the help of block-chain technology. The later is being implemented to curb malpractices in the sale of tickets, unregulated touting, mass purchase from bots and scalping.

Every event ticket is assigned to every individual device in the network. Such tickets are encrypted and cannot be duplicated.

Event apps with actionable intelligence can help planners to be future ready. We can update you with a demo for free. Write to us and grab your demo.

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