Case Study- A Globally Renowned Event Organizer

Leading Event Organizer


A globally-renowned event organizer.


A smart AI-powered event helpdesk solution


Event2Mobile (E2M) Event Chatbot


6,995 worldwide users.
91.78% handled expressions.

A chatbot with its own brain
The client, a globally renowned event management firm, needed an AI-powered helpdesk solution for a series of events. These included a comic-con, an event for gaming professionals, a convention for ophthalmologists and a jewelry expo.

AI-enabled Chatbot

Chatbots for comic-con and gaming event needed extensive AI-training sessions to pick up the popular topics and lingo of a generation that grew up on a culture of comics and video games. Both pre and post-launch AI-training consoles help make E2M Event Chatbot contextually relevant and smarter.

A witty chatbot captivates more event attendees
Our priority was to develop chatbots which are capable of holding a small talk and offer relevant information at the same time. We wanted to ensure attendees didn’t have to waste time looking for answers!

Being helpful is so endearing
Attendees interacted with the chatbot via guided queries (button clicks) and open-ended queries like typing in ‘Where can I park?’ or ‘How to book tickets?’ etc. Interactions took place via multiple channels like websites, Facebook and Twilio.

AI-enabled Chatbot

User-friendliness was crucial, so the chatbot let event attendees search for speakers/delegates via a number of keywords, including names, interests and company names. Attendees could directly set up meetings via the in-app scheduler.

When a chatbot bought more time for event organizers
Event organizers ran live polls, surveys and Q&A sessions via E2M Event Chatbot and took the numbers of attendee engagement to a new height.

Chatbot for Vision Expo

With a success rate of 91.78%, E2M Event Chatbot reduced the workload of event staff. Only 8.22% of queries were forwarded to human representatives, making their work much easier to handle.

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