Case Study – One of the World’s Foremost Hotel Chains

Exhibitor Lead App

Exhibitor Lead App

One of the world’s foremost Hotel Chains

A digital lead-capture solution

e2m Exhibitor Lead App

3,000+ Leads Captured
120+ Exhibitors Benefited

Speeding up Lead Capture

The client is one of the biggest names in hospitality in the world, with a presence in 600 locations. For almost 100 years, the brand has been serving travellers across the world with premium hospitality services and doing so with class and sophistication. For a 2018 event that brought together representatives of their hotels from all over the world, the client wanted a quick and easy lead capture solution for exhibitors that would replace the expensive scanners.

Making Lead Capture a Snap!

The e2m Exhibitor Lead App was the perfect fit for the client requirements. Booth personnel could simply download the app to their smartphones, and use it to scan attendee badges. The lead data, including name and email address, would then be saved automatically into the database. Exhibitors could even upload product brochures and even videos to the app, which would then be emailed to the lead automatically. To add an element of competitiveness, gamification was introduced to the lead capture process. Points were awarded for each lead captured, and a live leaderboard kept the excitement buzzing.

Amazing Events, Awesome Engagement

The event featured over 200 exhibitors, who used the app to capture a total of more than 3000 leads. Exhibitors took to the collateral upload feature with enthusiasm, with more than 700 pieces of collateral being uploaded to the app. Attendees loved the feature as well, and there were more than 2000 downloads – proof that when the process is easy and simple, people are only too happy to go through them.

The e2m Exhibitor Lead App made for a successful event for exhibitors, while considerably reducing the hassle for attendees. If you want to see how the app can benefit your event, fill up the form right here, and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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