Case Study – Event Gamification and AR

Event App for Gamification and AR


An engagement-boosting solution for a company retreat

event2mobile Event Gamification and AR

~3,000 App Downloads
800+ Active Players

An Event in Sunny Spain

The client needed an event engagement solution for one of their biggest event extravaganzas. After all, the event was being held amidst the sun, sand and surf of Ibiza, one of the best holiday destinations in the world, so the fun factor had to be off the charts!

A Mega Scavenger Hunt

The 4-day event had more than three thousand people attending, so Web Spiders planned a giant scavenger hunt, built right into the official event app. Users would have to find and scan QR codes throughout the event venue to earn points, which would then dictate their position on their leaderboard.

Location and Codes

Engagement Extravaganza

The AR game was a resounding success, with more than 800 players, and over 600 active players during a single session. The engagement was through the roof, with more than 200 social media posts on the social wall of the app itself. Having an event in sunny Spain is cause for celebration enough, but the gamification exercise certainly added a whole new layer of engagement and enthusiasm among the attendees.

Challenge Rules and Leaderboard

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