Case Study – A Financial Institution from Switzerland

E2M App for Financial Institutions


Europe’s biggest financial institution

A hassle-free solution for event registration

e2m Mobile-First Registration

250 Person-hours of effort saved
1000+ Registrations on the platform

A Solution for Registration Woes

For nearly 80 years, this Switzerland-based client has been one of the leading financial institutions throughout Europe. It boasts of an Aa2 rating from the venerable Moody’s Corporation and employs more than 3,000 people in offices all over the world. Like most such distinguished organizations, the client hosts both internal as well as customer-oriented events at various times throughout the year. To transition from the traditional time-consuming paper-based registration to a completely digital process, the client looked to Web Spiders for an innovative and hassle-free solution.

e2m Event Registration App

E2m Mobile-First Registration makes it Simple

The e2m-based Registration solution was launched for client events across America as well as the Asia-Pacific region. To accommodate this diversity, the solution featured forms that could be customized quickly, through which attendees would then be able to register. Registrations could then be accepted or rejected quite easily via the backend dashboard.

User-Friendly Registration Page

Robust Analytics for Future Events

In addition to making things easy for organizers and attendees, the app also empowered them with actionable intelligence, thanks to robust analytics. Downloading these detailed reports were a cinch, thanks to the one-click report download feature.

Thousand+ Registrations

During 3 years of continuous partnership with the client, more than a thousand registrations for various events have been done using the platform – a testament to its success as well as ease of use. The primary objective of the client was also fulfilled – saving over 250 person-hours, or over 30 working days, with the implementation of this solution.

E2m Mobile-First Registration, or e2m Reg for short, is available separately, as well as part of the complete e2m Live suite of event management tools. Check out the full suite and contact us for a demo!

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