How Event2Mobile Helps You Promote Your Event on Social Networks


Social media is definitely one of the most effective tools for engaging the target market of almost any business nowadays. So why should event management be any different? Well, it’s not. 64% Facebook marketers have leveraged the power of the social network to promote both online and offline events in 2012! From announcing the date and time of their events through Facebook Events to engaging their target audience through the social network, many successful event marketers have utilized the massive user base of the network to increase footfalls at their event venues.

However, setting up a Facebook Event to announce your offline business conference and engaging potential attendees on a regular basis will take up a chunk of the valuable time of a busy event marketer. Think about it – if you are tasked with organizing an event, wouldn’t you be rather talking with the personnel at the venue about facilities, the caterers about refreshments, and so on? How would you find time to access Facebook every few minutes to look for comments and queries posted by potential attendees?

What you need is a mobile event app, which allows to keep track of every aspect of your event, and also lets you engage potential attendees, speakers and delegates in a hassle-free manner. This is what the Social Connect Module of Event2Mobile lets you do. What’s more – the app is so easy to use that your associates can use it to keep checking the social networks, while you take care of more pressing matters at hand. Try Event2Mobile today, and you will know why it is the favorite mobile event app of Fortune 2000 companies across the APAC Region, Europe and USA.

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