Event2Mobile adds a new level of engagement to events with its innovative Photo Module

Rhapsody-103Over the years, Event2Mobile has brought you features that simplify event management, help promote your event on social networks and accurately calculate how successful your events are, among others. Recently, we have added another new feature named Photo Module to Event2Mobile, which lets attendees upload photos they shoot at the event venue through event apps developed with Event2Mobile platform, adding a new level of visual interaction.

Using Photo Module, attendees can upload photos they shoot at an event through event apps developed with Event2Mobile, apply different templates to the photos and submit them. All submissions are moderated by event managers through a user-friendly admin module, separating the best submissions. Event managers can then display the approved photos on a large screen in the form of a slideshow, with the help of a feature named Photo Wall.

Photo Wall was recently used at conferences organized by VMWare and Singapore Post. Attendees submitted their photos along with captions through the event app installed on their smartphones. Admins moderated the photos and displayed them on large monitors set up at the venues through a desktop version of the app. The feature was extremely well-received and hundreds of attendees posted their photos at each event.

Event2Mobile is a product of Web Spiders, specialist provider of Enterprise Mobility services to ISVs and Marketers of Fortune 2000 companies.

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