3 Ways Event Apps Vastly Enhance Attendee Experience

Organizations hold corporate events for a host of reasons. Creating value for the attendees of any business activity assumes paramount importance for the organizers. To that end, event management groups are constantly trying to leverage Conference Apps to provide the best possible experience.

Fortunately, enterprise software companies managing the apps are up to the task. Through constant technological innovation, they have commensurately risen to the challenge of offering participants a fulfilling experience. 

Surveys And Polls 

One of the best ways to improve attendee engagement by way of Event Apps is to make the entire session as interactive as possible. With the help of Live Polls, speakers can connect with their audience in real-time. They can collect votes, run pulse-checks and even track opinion-shifts during the session.

One of the enviable attributes of electronic apps is that they eliminate the anxiety associated with public speaking. Shy or unsure participants find their voices and ask pertinent and thought-provoking questions, often under the guise of anonymity.

Visual aids are powerful tools through which these apps can engage their participants. Graphical representation of the total number of attendees and other key indices serve as potent stimuli, inducing others to throw their hats in the ring. 

Appointment Booking 

One of the most important reasons why attendees are eager to participate in certain events is to gain access to influencers and create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

In a physically imposing environment such as a corporate gala, the individuals you wish to reach out to may often get lost in the crowd. Automated applications enable you to rise above the clutter and sieve out the contacts you want to engage in.

With the help of appointment booking, you can engage on a one-on-one basis. Furthermore, the application allows you to see their profiles and decide if they are persons-of-interest to you. This helps you to make new connections and expand your network. 


Event management apps allow attendees to personalize the digital app and make it their own. While creating their online profile, participants can choose which information they wish to include about themselves.

These electronic platforms also help its participants maintain their daily event itinerary. It enables them to message other attendees one-on-one. It can fix or cancel meetings and even create alerts for other prior obligations.

Event management applications are revolutionizing the way corporates are experiencing group activities. These digital apps create buzz around the product offerings of their clients, drive traffic to websites and increase revenue traction.

If you are looking to digitally refurbish your business with the help of cutting edge event management applications, get in touch with us today.

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