Chatbots Are the Future of Employee Engagement


After Apple had success with Siri and Microsoft faced disaster with Tay, back in April, Facebook came up with it’s Iron Man inspired assistant, Jarvis that lets customers speak to companies directly in Facebook Messenger. To bring those not up to speed, a chatbot is a service that is powered by artificial intelligence and presented via a chat interface. At event2mobile, we’ve launched our very own e2mbot.Chatbots pose multiple possibilities in in various different sectors. In one of our previous posts we had discussed how mobile apps can be used for employee engagement. We talked about how the concept of employee engagement gets built upon positive psychology, HR experiences and also the business model.

The purpose of this post is to strive towards engaging an organization’s existing talent with chatbots to create a productive culture for successful outcomes. While mobile apps have over time proved to be successful in managing and planning the sessions and increasing the rate of engagement, the real interactions are always left to the event personnels and organizers. While event apps come in handy and take away some of this burden, the one area where one might argue that they fall back is personalization.

When it comes engagement, be it among employees or simply among corporate event attendees, conversation and information sharing is a key component. While in small to medium sized companies, the number of HR or event personnels may suffice, in large corporates, the number more often than not poses a problem. Large scale information discovery is another pain point at such corporate events. This is where chatbots swoop in to save the day. As we have discussed about the chatbot for events, chatbots are equivalent to virtual assistants and can handle large scale attendee queries, save time, accelerate networking opportunities as well as enhance engagement in one go.

For example, for employee engagement activities in company events, questions or queries that the employees may have about the sessions or activities can be directly tackled by the bots instead of them having to wait for someone to come and address their multiple issues. This will not only help in imparting more information but will also ease the burden of the HR personnels and event partners.

Some of the questions that a bot can answer are as following:
Hey what is today’s activity about?
Are there going to be games?

  • Can I get access to the pictures taken at the event.
  • Can you schedule a one to one meeting with my trainer?
  • Who will be conducting this training session?
  • Can I have the video of my performance?
  • Is there training material that i can download to watch later?
  • Can you give me the key highlights of today’s session?

The integration of chatbots will allow business to leverage technology that is cost effective yet has a very wide reach thereby engaging with more individuals. Additionally, these chatbots can also store the key data points of employees which companies will find useful while during later evaluations. Most importantly however, chatbots come in handy while handling routine tasks thereby minimizing the need for extra company personnel.

Want to discuss more? Drop in for a quick chat and ask us how @ Booth 2532, HR Technology’2016.

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