Eva – First ever chatbot for event apps!


event2mobile launches the first chabtot for event apps. Learn what e2mbot can do!

Who is Eva?

Eva is the industry first chatbot for event apps. This chatbot is like your very own event help personnel who

schedules meetings
answers questions
conducts real time searches for event agenda,
gives direction &
lets you participate in on-going conversations easily
Here’s how e2mbot made Bob’s life easier :

Today let us introduce you to Bob. 40, male, VP of Sales at ABC Inc.,

Bob is a frequent face in top notch industry events and conferences since these are excellent avenues for networking. But networking at large events and conferences are easier said than done.

For example, take the last big conference Bob had been to. It was a 3 day long grand affair that posed uncountable networking possibilities. But it was while he was at the event, that Bob found it very difficult to sift and filter from among the hundreds of attendees who were there. Often, he realised, he missed out on excellent opportunities to network simply because he didn’t find the right people at the right time.

Frustrated, Bob made his team conduct extensive research on the list of probable attendees who could be present at events beforehand so that he would have a better idea of locating the right leads. Nevertheless, it was hardly as foolproof as having an accurate and updated list of the best possible choices. Even using an event app did not seem to eliminate his problem entirely. Only if there were someone present at the event who would make his search process easier!!

The difficulty that Bob faces is an extremely common predicament of event attendees. While small events and conferences find the saving grace in their limited number of attendees, it is their larger counterparts who become privy to this situation. Bob was on the verge of giving up on niche networking possibilities, when he encountered e2mbot.

In the very beginning, Bob was a little skeptical about e2mbot. Lets face it, he is not the most technical of people. In fact, it was only after repeated uses and multiple hiccups that he had somewhat mastered the event app. And here was technology talking back to him!

Nevertheless, being stuck in the same rut of not utilising the event opportunity to his fullest, Bob typed in a question to the bot:


In under a minute, not only had the bot scaled down the list of probable people Bob could network with at the event, but also narrowed it down to the exact individual he would benefit from the most! The bot even went ahead and scheduled meeting for Bob with 7 attendees. In short e2mbot was his very own event assistant!

At the end of the conference, Bob had very successful meetings and new business leads. For the very first time, Bob felt that he had reaped the maximum benefit that a large scale event promised him.

Like any new development on the technological horizon, Chatbots presently are under a lot of speculation. The key question here is, can Chatbots replace the human representatives in terms of customer centric services? True, on the surface level Chatbots may not appear to be as progressive as the human conversationalists. However, if rightly trained, a chatbot can prove to be 100 times more effective as compared to it’s human counterparts.

For example, Eva can handle large scale attendee queries, save time, accelerate networking opportunities as well as enhance attendee engagement in one go.

Bob had heard of genies that reside in lamps in Arabian nights. e2mbot was the closest thing to a genie that he could probably encounter. Who knows, maybe genies were bots in another time.

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