Use Your Phone as a Mic – e2m QuickMic


Have you ever felt invisible or unheard in a crowd? As an event attendee, did you ever wish you could somehow make the tedious process of asking-waiting-passing the mic stop during Q&A sessions? On the other hand as a speaker or an event host, have you ever felt disconnected from your audience simply because your voices did not resonate as much or as easily as it should have?

Did you ever wish you could just amplify your voice so that instead of having to ask, wait, be bypassed, you could actually voice your opinion or questions loud and clear from exactly where you were? Well, you must have wished pretty hard because guess what? Now You Can!!.

Before you get too excited, you are not turning into wizards overnight, no. But yes you may not have to wait around or ask for a mic the next time you are at a gathering and you have an interesting point to raise or question to ask during Q&A.

QuickMic is a free audience response mobile app developed by event2mobile that enables you to use your phone as a mic and eliminates passing the mic around at events & conferences. It is the much-needed liaison in between the attendees and speakers at the end of every engaging session.

How it Works?

Quickmic is supported in both Android (requires 4.1+) and iOS devices (required 7.0+) so the obvious first step is downloading it. The speaker of an event usually creates an event. All audiences can have access to the Unique Event ID using which they will now be connected to the speaker. When you have a question just send a request and the speaker would answer all of them one by one. When your turn comes, don’t wait, just tap and let us reach your voice clearly for everyone to hear.

In its primary (free) form, the app can register and store an event for 7 days. But you can always switch to event2mobile suite for more extensive features.

Let nothing whatsoever come in between your chances of successfully engaging with your audience speaker ever again. Keep connecting!!

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