5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos

Videos lie at the heart of virtual events. They make these events dynamic, engaging, and fun, so obviously, the type and quality of videos at your virtual event go a long way towards establishing how successful it is. In a recent webinar, we wanted to create a discussion around the use of video at virtualContinue reading “5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos”

Use Your Phone as a Mic – e2m QuickMic

Have you ever felt invisible or unheard in a crowd? As an event attendee, did you ever wish you could somehow make the tedious process of asking-waiting-passing the mic stop during Q&A sessions? On the other hand as a speaker or an event host, have you ever felt disconnected from your audience simply because yourContinue reading “Use Your Phone as a Mic – e2m QuickMic”