Event Marketing Hacks to Turn Your Prospect into Attendee!

Event Marketing Hacks to Turn Your Prospect into Attendee!

Repeating the same strategy for each stage of the marketing funnel is convenient but results in less and less ROI in the long term. For best results, event marketers should vary their tools and strategies at each stage. It tends to not only provide better results, but also keeps costs low.

Stage 1: Awareness: This is when prospects get to know about the event. At this stage, marketers need to target a broad audience as the goal is to get the word out as far as possible and ensure a large portion of the relevant audience enter the funnel.

Organic social, boosted by media buy, is quite useful at this stage. Instead of hyper-targeted efforts, a wide net should be cast, especially on platforms where the relevant audience is active.  The objective is to utilise strategies that create buzz without breaking the bank.

In addition to social, EDMs and videos (again, promoted on social platforms), lend credibility to an event, making conversions more likely.

Stage 2: Consideration: You had their curiosity, but now, you have their attention. At this stage, the audience is aware of your event, but will need more information before signing up. This is the time to show them what they can gain by attending the event.

PR pieces on event specifics help the audience by taking the information and details they need to them, and have other benefits as well. In-depth, actionable content like ebooks and infographics, on the other hand, showcase the level of learning that attendees can achieve at the event. It establishes trust as well.

The key, at this stage, is to put forward information that helps prospects consider an event without overwhelming them..

Stage 3: Decision Making: Prospects at this stage are already very interested in the event, but need something more to convince them fully.  Thus, marketing efforts should help prospects with detailed information on agenda, tracks, workshops, keynote speakers, etc.

Keep prospects excited with retargeting ads that remind website visitors of the event. Event speakers and delegates can also be requested to mention the event on their social channels. Finally, blogs are a good way to keep the audience interested and informed over time and help them make a final decision.

The marketing tactics implemented at this stage are crucial in closing the deal. Once the seats are full and the attendees are ready, the next step is to boost engagement.Talk to us to know about effective ways to consistently improve engagement at events.


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