Personalizing Events Using Beacons: Why and How

Beacon technology, while still at nascent stage, is being used by smart event planners as an innovative attendee engagement technique. With each passing day, as smartphone ownership draws increasingly closer to ubiquity, mobile devices have become the easiest channel for connecting organisers, brands and attendees of an event on a more personal level. What isContinue reading “Personalizing Events Using Beacons: Why and How”

7 Creative Ways of Using Beacons at Events & Conferences

Steve Jobs, bless his soul, had always said “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” When it comes to events and conferences, especially ones of huge magnitude, it becomes very easy for attendees to feel quite lost without help. Where should I go? How do i get there?Continue reading “7 Creative Ways of Using Beacons at Events & Conferences”