TiEcon Kerala 2021 – Powered by e2m.live fostering global engagement

TL;DR: TiEcon Kerala 2021 conducted its 10th edition of the entrepreneurship conference from 25th to 27th November 2021, as a hybrid event on the e2m.live platform. The “phygital” conclave, as it was termed, was held to figure out the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in the post-pandemic scenario. 

The event was organized in a physical venue and over 2000+ attended the event both on-ground and virtually. e2m.was the event platform for the conclave. Some of the key highlights were the virtual lobby, live stage, expo booth, roundtables, sponsor gallery and one-to-one meetings to foster engagement and connections. 

About TiEcon Kerala 2021

TiEcon Kerala 2021 is the 10th edition of TiEcon and is one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences in India. The conference provides a common platform for entrepreneurs to connect, network, and meet. The conference also offers a hybrid platform to share ideas, concepts, challenges, and initiatives with successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, and like-minded people with similar backgrounds and objectives.

TiEcon Kerala 2021 welcomes business leaders from across the globe including 200 delegates attending in person, and 1,800+ others including CEOs of SMEs & Professionals logging in from more than 15 countries. There are more than 40 prominent investors and fund houses participating as speakers.

The pandemic made it challenging for the event to bring the audience under one roof. This is where e2m.live played a crucial role by providing them the hybrid platform they needed during the three-days long conclave. There were 16 expo booths set up along with a well organized lobby, 9 roundtables, exclusive live stage, and sponsors page to accommodate 15 sponsors.  

The end result was a highly engaging and successful summit that adapted to the new normal and reviving business “Despite the Pandemic”. 

The Challenge

The main challenge the organizers faced was to welcome as many entrepreneurs for exposure and networking as possible. However, the ongoing pandemic was a big barrier to accommodating a big crowd. People were reluctant to attend an event in person, nor could the organizers provide enough space to accommodate a crowd of 1500+ abiding by the COVID protocols. 

What was needed was a platform that would seamlessly connect the attendees globally. The theme of the conference was set as “Despite the Pandemic” to focus on getting used to the new normal and fostering entrepreneurship. 

The Solution

The role of e2m.live was to provide a hybrid platform making the conclave a phygital one. While the in-person event could accommodate about 200 participants, e2m.live offered a virtual platform for 2000+ more audiences over the web. 

There was a customized lobby with logos and banners of TiEcon Kerala 2021 and the sponsors welcoming the guests. The lobby redirected the audience to the live stage, expo hall, speakers list, sponsors list, and roundtables. One could also see the agenda of the three days right at the center of the lobby. 

The live stage view offered an aesthetically pleasing experience, while the separate roundtables dedicated to Edtech, Engineering/IoT, Food and Agriculture, Healthtech, Manufacturing, Retail, SaaS, Social and Tourism made it easier for entrepreneurs to communicate and network with each other. There was an option for individuals for one-to-one meetings to interact directly. 

The first two days of the event followed a hybrid method, while the third day was completely virtual. 


TiEcon Kerala 2021 was successfully conducted in hybrid mode for more than 2000+ audiences both physical and virtual. The experience was seamless and the communication was hassle-free. As Ajit Moopan,  president of TiE-Kerala said, “The event would instill confidence and provide guidance to practicing entrepreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs and professionals to catalyze growth in their respective fields”

With e2m.live, the event met the requirements of the organizers and helped the audience network with ease. 

e2m.live provides apps, virtual platforms, and secure registration & event check-in solutions to offer a complete event suite to organizations hosting events. If you are interested in conducting a hybrid or a virtual event with a seamless digital experience, book a demo of e2m.live now.

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