4 Reasons Why e2m.live Is A Secured Event Management App

e2m.live is a premier mobile event application that is the initiative of Web Spiders, a global ITes solutions provider based out of India. 

It caters to the niche segment of international event management companies. These organizations set up prestigious business events such as workshops and seminars. Over the years, e2m.live has successfully aided industry leaders such as Cognizant, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University, Pizza Hut, Accenture and PWC. 

When it comes to an Event Management App, security is of great importance. The application developers who created e2m.live are conscious of this.

This is why, on a periodic basis, they release enhancements to the security features of the product. 

Storage And Encryption 

Any and all information shared with the digital application is stored in cutting-edge RDBMS system servers. 

Furthermore, data that is stored on the hand-held devices are heavily encrypted using sophisticated algorithms. 

In securing this vital data, the makers of e2m.live leave no stone unturned. To ensure a hassle-free exchange of ideas and strategies, information transmitted across the platform is also encrypted using TLS. 

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It is an international security standard, designed to offer comprehensive protection across communication channels that span networks. 

It is an effective protocol against eavesdropping, message forgery and tampering. 

AES 256-Bit Encryption 

In spite of the best efforts of the creators of the event application, confidential information can, on occasion, find its way to unscrupulous individuals. 

In such a scenario, strong encryption saves the day. e2m.live secures its files using the powerful AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. This includes the data that is stored in the application servers and contained within the mobile devices. 

Furthermore, all information that is free-flowing across the platform is heavily encrypted using the same complex algorithm. This is accomplished by installing the 256-bit TLS Certificate. 

User ID And Password Authentication 

Access to the application requires each attendee to generate a unique User ID and the corresponding password. Without this, no individual can log onto the event being hosted. 

The makers of e2m.live have gone to great lengths to make the online application secure. 

Through the implementation of the OAuth 2.0 token validation, only access requests generated on the digital application are allowed. 

Partnership With Industry Trailblazers For Better Results 

The e2m.live application works in close collaboration with market leaders such as Amazon Web Services. This enables the platform to protect its data by installing virtual firewalls with no vulnerability. 

Furthermore, the servers are made compatible with only a handful of pre-selected ports. Also, a limited range of pre-approved IP addresses ensures safeguard against the misuse of information. 

If you are an event management company looking to boost your product offering by integrating our world-class event app, get in touch with us today.

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