Make Business Cards Awesome Again with AR-enabled Apps

Technology like AR can give a much-needed makeover to business cards, making them more interesting and interactive. AR-enabled apps for business cards can offer multiple benefits to participants, business delegates and exhibitors at B2B events.

Before we discuss the benefits, take a look at the general guidelines of how to use the apps.

Step 1: Download an AR-enabled app for business cards and install it in your mobile device.

Step 2: Set the app camera as the default camera of your device.

Step 3: Turn on your device camera, hold a business card before your mobile device, scan it and look at it through your device screen.

Step 4: Repeat the above-mentioned steps with rest of other business cards.

When these apps are used to scan cards, the AR technology can utilise the information printed on the card to create virtual objects that are then visible on the device screen, overlayed on top of the card image. The objective is to extend the content of business cards with the help of virtual objects.

AR-enabled apps for business cards can benefit exhibitors, sponsors, entrepreneurs, and the rest of other participants at B2B events who prioritize networking with the right people. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of AR-enabled apps for business cards at B2B events.

The Benefits

There are multiple digital alternatives to business cards for keeping track of contacts or for advertising purposes. Hence, many veterans in the corporate world are in the opinion that business cards are losing relevance. However, this is not the case with AR business cards.

AR business cards can give good competition to the rest of other digital devices for information exchange at B2B events.

1- AR business cards can help you stand out from the rest: Creative and unique AR business cards can help you draw the attention of business delegates at events. Given the competitive world of business, AR business cards can help you gain an edge over your professional competitors.

2- AR can add fun to information retrieval: Traditional business cards that we used to include names, contact details etc. At present, we see business cards with QR codes where the latter encode binary, numeric or alphanumeric data to store information of card owners. Business cards with QR codes can store lots of more information than traditional business cards.

B2B event organizers either arrange for business card scanners or let the exhibitors, sponsors and business delegates use event apps with card scanners for retrieving information of leads. Some event apps like are seamlessly integrated with databases. The app can scan and retrieve data from business cards, and automatically store data on databases.

AR can add fun to business cards, for example, when you scan an AR business card through your mobile device, you may see that 2D image of a human figure appears on your device screen and starts telling about herself/himself. It’s nothing but an innovative way to give detailed biodata of the card owner.

Similarly, you can scan business cards and see product images, and change their colors and sizes. You can also see catalogs of products/services on your device by scanning AR business cards.

3- AR can add extra features to business cards: Developers of AR-enabled apps for business cards can superimpose images of buttons for sending texts, emails or making calls over the real life images of business cards. By clicking the buttons you can send texts, emails or make calls to card owners.

AR can be used to add fun to event gamification or guide event participants to destinations like session halls, cafeterias, washrooms etc. AR can also be used to make business cards more engaging. To know more about AR business cards, write to us.

Stay tuned in for our next blogs and share your views in the comment section below.

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