9 Benefits of Using Event Apps for Small Events and Training Sessions

Small conferences and training sessions

Small conferences and training sessions

From creating polls to offering real-time feedbacks, event/conference apps can simplify multiple functions. It doesn’t matter if numbers of attendees are in thousands, hundreds or just 10 to 15. Big, medium or small, organizers can use event apps anywhere.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss 9 benefits of a conference app for small events.

1: Fast Setup and Deployment: Intradepartmental or intra-organizational events are announced in short notices. Event organizers can set up and deploy event web pages in minutes by using event and conference apps like e2m lite.

The whole process is so simple that people having no technical know-how can easily accomplish the tasks.

2: Run Polls & Conduct Surveys: It is easy to run polls and conduct surveys using event apps. During polls, attendees can cast their votes via event apps and results are updated in real time.

Live polls and surveys can help event organizers read the nerves of attendees. Admins can easily create an event poll via a user-friendly event app.

Event organizers can address questions via polls and surveys. They can select poll types, add in details and thus create event polls.

3: Generate Real-time Feedbacks: Attendees love to respond to surveys or Q&A sessions via fast and user-friendly conference apps. Businesses can leverage feedbacks to drive changes and raise ROI.

Attendees who don’t want to disclose their identities can submit feedbacks anonymously. Databases are updated in real-time thereby minimizing loss of efforts and wastage of time.

If event organizers want to post feedbacks on social media, they can moderate those responses and post them via event apps.

4: Generate Notifications: One can use event apps to generate notifications for making some important announcements. This is a fast and easy way to reach out to participants ensuring that everyone is aware of any changes in schedule or introduction of a new session etc. Notifications can also be used to highlight key sessions.

5: Engage Audiences: Audiences love to participate in polls, surveys and live QA sessions. One can insert unique poll links in event pages, update live poll results via word cloud or pie/bar charts and easily export poll results to databases.

6: Gather Data: Poll/ survey results, social media posts, feedbacks on events’ fora are some important means of gathering data. Event/conference apps can help organizers gather and store data in a fast, easy and safe manner.

7: Continue Conversations: There should be platforms for discussing topics of events/training sessions. Event/conference apps can offer private environments to discuss topics with other participants. Admins can easily manage such fora and share access with selective groups. Such closed groups ensure data security.

8: Extend Event Shelf Life: Event apps can help extend event shelf life by keeping alive discussions and evaluating results of events/training sessions at the end of regular intervals.

9: Go Green: Finally, event apps can help us reduce our carbon footprints by completely doing away with printed materials during sessions. There is no need to distribute brochures or take printouts of agenda since one can perform all these functions digitally using apps.

Write to us to know more about how one can use products like e2m lite to organize small events/ conferences/ training sessions. Do not forget to mention the preferred time to have conversations with our representatives. Also, don’t miss the chance to grab a free demo.

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