How to Write A Event Sponsorship Proposal: 7 crucial ways to seal the deal


Do you organize trade shows or business events? Do you know how to get companies that can sponsor events? Well, in the modern, highly competitive digital world, sponsorship is the key to host successful events.

But, with the ever increasing competition among event planners, cracking a sponsorship deal has become extremely challenging. In such a scenario, your event sponsorship proposal is crucial.

Take a look at the 7 most interesting ways to arrest one’s attention with an event sponsorship proposal that can surely make you crack the deal:

1) Enlist Deliverables in Detail

Provide intricate details about the services you offer to promote the sponsors of the respective business event. Make sure every little detail is expressed clearly to avoid further confusion while preparing the final agreement for signature.

2) Provide Unique Branding Strategy

Innovation can undoubtedly be the secret to your success in such cases. Stay updated with the current market trends for advertising, incorporate them within your proposal and, along with those come up with innovative yet highly potential strategies to impress your enlisted sponsorship companies.

3) Highlight Your Potentials

Explain how you can satisfy the sponsor’s marketing objectives. Sponsors need to believe your event is capable of fulfilling their end goals. Make sure your objectives are entirely explained to the enterprises. If needed, provide facts and well researched data to win their trust on your potentials.

4) Keep It Transparent

Let your marketing strategies be transparent for the sponsors so that they can evaluate its success. Ensure them that after complete promotional activities they can get a detailed report to measure the success ratios of branding campaigns. When using event apps, you can let the data speak for itself!

5) Price It Right

Make a market research to get a detailed data on the existing range of quotations for particular services. Ensure your quotations are completely justified and in sync with the contemporary market trends. Thus, while your clients make a comparative study between the value of your proposal and others, this may place you a step ahead of your competitors.

6) State Terms & Conditions

Explain all your terms and conditions very clearly to avoid any confusion later on. Stay secured from the legal perspective by providing a detailed description of all your terms and conditions related to the final event sponsorship agreement.

7) Use Trust Markers

Show your sponsors how your previously conducted events provided maximum exposure to the sponsors. Support your statements with relevant data, feedbacks received from speakers and media value generated for sponsors.

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Have any other methods worked for you to get a sponsor on-board? Add in your opinions under Comments.

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