Audience Engagement Strategies at Trade Shows


Exhibiting at trade shows are commendable ways in which a business can look for new customers and expand their business. Right from visibility to establishing credibility, being an exhibitor at a trade show comes with many benefits, especially for the business. The presence of a company at a trade show provides them with a very effective platform that they can use to engage with new customers, reach out to existing clientele, not to mention establishing their brand as reliable and leaving a mark of their own among competitors. However, over the past years, the experience of tradeshows has undergone a dramatic change.

It is no longer just about networking, shortlisting popular speakers, enjoying the takeaways or trying to decide upon the best party to attend. Trends of 2016 show that trade shows seem to have outgrown the prescribed nomenclature. It allows the event managers to integrate ways in which the attendees will readily be invested in the event, be proactive and end up being knowledgeable and profitable by their participation. In this post, we will take you through ideas that will help increase engagement at trade shows.


Be it measuring the percentage of footfalls or capturing and tracking leads, using modern technology such as beacons, can prove to be that best friend who not just supports your need but also helps to measure ROI. For example, having a trade show app in place will let the attendees interact and engage instantly.

With event mobile apps in the hands of attendees, they can navigate easily within the venues. It also helps in making your event green, by automating marketing collaterals via email. The app feature will also make it easier for them to track the location of your booth, check the people who have already been there and other company collaterals without any hassle. Most importantly, event apps also facilitate confirmed follow up thereby increasing the rate of engagement with potential leads.

Customer Engagement

This should be the primary focus while at a trade show booth. For proper and effective customer retention, it is very important to ensure that that the marketing as well as the sales team have updated their research about any important attendee or lead that might stop by the booth so that they may be engaged without fail. It is important to have a plan set aside for implementation in terms of engagement so that they have a very good experience and they may either be converted to definite leads or continue to remain customers. This might include special offers, invitation, access to important networking events, either through an app or in person. The time that you give them and their experience of the face to face meeting is going to be the leading factor that determines how long they would choose to work with you.


There are several different routes that you can take up with technology. Of those, personalization is considered key! Sadly, even today there are many attendees who attend trade shows and leave without a lot of information or benefit. This mainly happens because trade shows often concentrate on giving the attendees a bulk of information but not just what they are looking for. By the time the attendee gets to sift through all the information to reach what they want, they might already lose interest which means a probable loss in sales. This is another aspect where an event app can come in handy. Event apps can be personalized to suit the customer needs. Interactive and personalized technology can be tailor made to suit the usability and need of the customers. It makes it a lot more convenient for the user to look for the information that they specifically want making their booth visits a success.

Un-booths and mixed displays

It is not just the event that is an attraction for the customers. The booth and the displays are equal points of attraction at a trade show. From bold to beautiful, over the years, the consumers have probably seen it all. However, the effort should be to present yourself to you customers in such a way that you can successfully stand out and be appealing. This is where a un-booth can help you. Turn your otherwise mundane booth look into a place where attendees would want to hang out and relax. They are more likely to engage with you if they can feel comfortable in their surroundings rather than feel the constant stretch of formality. Moreover, make sure your name and logo are bright and clearly visible so that you can leave a lasting impression about your existence in their mind. You should not be difficult for them to recall once they walk out of the show.

To conclude, as an exhibitor at a trade show, it is important for you to look at what you are offering from the perspective of your customer. Put yourself in their shoes and think what you would need to invariably be attracted to your own booth. Remember to be noticeable, impressionable and extremely useful when it comes to catering to need of your business leads. if you can engage with your customers and make your customers happy, they will only be too happy to return the favor.

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