It is a nicely done app, says Robert Scoble!!

Click Asia Summit (CAS), India’s only curated Digital Transformation and Marketing Conference was back with a bang this year. Known as the very first event of its kind, CAS continues to be powered by event2mobile. To add another feather to the cap, the niche conference had tech evangelist and the most famous blogger in the world Robert Scoble as one of its keynote speakers who used and vouched for event2mobile.

In conversation with Kavita J, the curator and host of Click Asia Summit, Robert says that“event2mobile’s Click Asia Summit app is a nice platform for speakers to interact with their audience and learn from them.” Other than having useful attributes like event schedule, setting up meetings, listing the event partners, starting polls among the audience and effectively taking notes, the app also provides opportunity for an attendee to indulge in social behaviour by putting up live elements from the events onto social media from a single medium.

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