What to expect at #cipdLDshow 2016?


#CIPDLDShow 2016 @ Olympia London
Learning and Development Show Conference 2016

Why is learning and development important, you might ask. well the CIPD says developments in learning and development will bring organisational development, coaching and organisational changes a lot more closer together. Read on find out more about what to expect at the upcoming learning and Development show by CIPD, 2016.


The 11th and 12th of May 2016 are going to be very exciting for HR professionals and L&D (Learning & Development) professionals. CIPD is back with their annual Learning and Development Show 2016 at Olympia London.

About CIPD Learning & Development Show :

The CIPD learning and development show, which is considered to be UK’s leading L&D event, comes with a very strong conference program. It has over 110 suppliers who will be exhibiting for the benefit of all learning and development professionals. They are also best known for bringing together a platform that includes all-encompassing professional development, guidance, practical advice, research, thought leadership and an unmatched professional standard that lends a hand to drive better understanding and capabilities about organizational performance and people management.

If you are looking for solutions for L&D, Organizational Development, coaching, talent development, leadership development, change management, e-learning among few other issues, then this is an event you should not miss.  The event will have exhibitions and conferences that offer practical solutions for the most demanding business requirements related to L&D, human resources, and organizational development.

What to expect at #cipdLDShow 2016?

Most importantly, as stated by Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning & Development at the CIPD, the world of learning is ever evolving. It is extremely crucial that L&D professionals recognize these changes and respond to them by being creative as well as agile. The key is to design programs flexible enough to suit their needs and update their knowledge and skills.  He further states that this year’s L&D show is designed to capture the above and it includes the use of innovative content that will help the industry professionals with effective learning programs that will be tailored as per the learner’s needs.

It will not only contribute to the organization’s growth but will also support the professional development of the L&D professionals. This year the seminar will have key speakers from Barclays, Google, BT, Lloyds Banking Group, NHS Leadership Academy and Virgin Media among others. CIPD is focusing on driving growth based on agile learning so that the needs of the organization, as well as individuals, can be easily met. Over the time span of two days, this year’s conference will be conducting 29 sessions. The key areas of learning and development will be segregated into 5 streams.

  • Learning & Development and Coaching
  • Learning & Talent Development
  • Science of Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Organizational Development

Learning & Development and Coaching: The motive here is to enhance the competence of industry leaders as well as empowering organizational line managers so that they can successfully influence their organizational performance. This stream includes key speakers from Canon UK & Discovery Networks International

Learning and Talent Development: Here the attendees will learn the importance of development strategies and how they can be used to add value to the organization. It will also help learn the best measures to design effective learning solutions for the next generation.

Science of Learning: This would include using scientific approach for learning and development so that effective learning solutions can be improved. This will also throw light on how different individuals take up learning procedures to bring about an improvement in their business performance.  Highlights here include brain friendly learning, with key speakers from Think Change and Inspired Recovery.

Digital Learning: This will help professional learn how embedding technology and digital learning in their respective organizations can help to develop successful strategies. This also includes identifying the different tools that are unique when it comes to making the act of learning engaging as well as accessible.   The key highlights are Learning by Doing: motivating your learners through Gamification.

Organizational Development: Here the speakers will impart the importance of advanced organizational learning and will align the aspect of leadership, employee and organizational culture keeping in mind the new developments.  The aim is to discuss how removing organizational barriers and empower employees.

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Show overview in a nutshell :

The show will include:

  • 8 masterclasses on Learning and Development,  Leadership Development and Coaching, Science of Learning and Organization Development all delivered by the industry’s most innovative thinkers
  • 18 case studies on Learning and Development, Leadership Development and Coaching, Digital Learning from practitioners who’ve faced the same challenges as you.
  • 3 workshops on Learning and Talent Development, Digital Learning and Organizational Development to experience interactive and engaging learning first-hand.

Alongside this, the attendees can access the free learning exhibition with 50+ sessions and free programs that provide tips in tips and insights from suppliers and the CIPD. It has three key areas of expertise,

  • Technology for Learning – Practical sessions on the latest L&D technologies and innovations
  • Topic Taster – Bite-sized updates on present L&D and Organizational Development issues and their solutions. Upgrading from last year, this year’s event will have Ignite Plus, that will cover the L&D issues at the top of today’s business agenda. Through five minute presentations, the participants would be asking quick fire questions. The objective is to tap into pioneering developments and ideas.
  • Learning Arena – Interactive and topical sessions on skills, new techniques, and L&D tips. This will now include Speed networking events which are fun and fast ways to meet and make new contacts.

To find out more about the 2016 L&D Show and secure your place, visit www.cipd.co.uk/events/learning-development-show.To be a part of discussions before and during the event follow #cipdLDShow on Twitter.

About CIPD : Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or CIPD is a professional institution facilitating Human resource as well as individual development. At present it boasts of 140,000 members around the world and who engage in learning & development, human resource management, people management as well as consulting services for different organization and private businesses both in the voluntary as well as the public sectors. They believe in championing for improved working lives and better quality of work for the working individuals, society, economy and the business.

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