CommunicAsia 2012 and BroadcastAsia 2012 Will Be Utilizing Event2Mobile Powered Apps

Both, CommunicAsia 2012 and BroadcastAsia 2012 are all set to allow delegates utilize Event2Mobile powered apps once both these major events kick off from 19-22 June, 2012. One of Asia-Pacific’s largest platforms for companies in the communications and information technology(CIT) industry, CommunicAsia has a number of heavyweight exhibitors due to appear at the exquisite Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. BroadcastAsia, 2012 also has a lot lined up with a number of well known exhibitors from the film, pro-audio, and broadcasting industries. Suntec Singapore will be hosting this highly anticipated broadcasting and entertainment tech event.

CommunicAsia 2012, is being billed as an event where a large number of leading names from the CIT arena will be present to unveil new solutions and share their ideas about latest industrial trends. This is the perfect place for trade professionals to pick up vital information about how the CIT industry has been evolving over the past year. This annual event never fails to draw a large number of attendees, and that’s where the Event2Mobile (E2M) powered app comes into play. Since there is a long list of exhibitors at the event, visitors will need all the help they can get while searching for a particular brand. This is where the app can help locate the exhibitor and help the visitor save a lot of time. Over 180 international speakers are going to be conducting sessions at CommunicAsia this year. This means that attendees will have to figure out which sessions they would like to be at, beforehand. The E2M app will help them do so without any hassle, and it can be downloaded here.

BroadcastAsia, 2012 is the right place to be for delegates from multimedia and broadcasting companies. Over a period of 22four days, various companies and revered experts will showcase new cutting-edge technology and speak on a plethora of topics ranging from the future of the broadcast industry to cloud broadcasting. Business and trade professionals who sign up for this event will need help picking out the right exhibitors and being part of conferences that would further their business. The E2M powered app can do all that and much more. Attendees can use the app to plan their own timetable and even browse through speaker profiles. Attendees can download the app here. A new feature added to the E2M app is “Social Connect” that gives visitors the opportunity to network with one another through various social networks.

Both these Event2Mobile powered apps are quite similar to each other even though they will be used at two different events. Instead of carrying around event guides in the form of paper brochures, delegates and organizers can use these apps to procure all the event-related information they need. This helps save time and attendees will not land up at the wrong booth or conference center.

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