Do You Really Need A Meeting Scheduler in Your Event App?

June 28, 2018

Do You Really Need A Meeting Scheduler in Your Event App?

1 Big Feature Your Event App Is Missing

For the event attendee, a great event experience depends a lot on how well their networking has gone. For event2mobile (e2m) comes with a simple 2-step meeting scheduler that lets attendees search by name of the speaker, topic etc. and schedule a meeting using the date and time picker.

The e2m meeting scheduler can be customised from the ground up for all your events. Everybody using the app gets a hyper-personal sessions information based on their interest and lookouts. A big part of the joy of using a meeting scheduler is how easily attendees can handcraft their schedules from the main schedule in a few taps. It is easy to scroll through speakers, check their bios and add to their personal agenda. Say bye to hunting through paper programmes and going back and forth with emails to schedule a meeting.

Event apps and the in-app networking modules not only provide a digital base for attendees and speakers to virtually meet but also, proactively encourages them to ‘open up’. Starting conversations with strangers can be intimidating for some. With meeting modules, attendees can bypass awkward conversations completely.

Meeting schedulers are a definite hit. Having one integrated into your event app makes it really convenient to track everything that’s going on at the event while making networking efficient. It is an upgrade you should be thinking of before getting an app for your next event.

The meeting scheduler is built in the event2mobile app and comes at no extra fee. Contact us for more information.

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