Introducing Exhibitor AI – The Capture, Engage, Follow-Up Solution for Exhibitors

June 22, 2018

Introducing Exhibitor AI - The Capture, Engage, Follow-Up Solution for Exhibitors

Exhibitor AI

Salesforce states that more than 80% of trade-show exhibitors don’t follow up on leads after 2 attempts. They also mentioned that more than 50% of the leads respond only after the 4th attempt.

On receiving these stats we decided to come up with an automated solution for event exhibitors like you. What we created was a lead capturing, engaging and follow-up solution called Exhibitor AI. Allow us to introduce you to this solution.

What is Exhibitor AI?

Exhibitor AI is a lead engagement and follow-up robot for trade show and event exhibitors. Exhibitor AI combines two of our products, e2m EE (Exhibitors Edition) and ZOE to manage lead retrieval and lead engagement.

Why Exhibitor AI? Why should you use it?

No more handheld scanners

Traditionally, exhibitors have to rent expensive scanners to capture leads. Exhibitor AI discards these as it itself can scan the authentication of those visiting your event.

Easy Integrations with CRM

Exhibitor AI is programmed in such a way that it would seamlessly integrate with your CRM and provide you with the best possible result.

Personalization at scale

Every email sent by Exhibitor AI carries a personal touch, even when emails are sent at scale. The recipient thus does not feel in the receiving end of an automated email chain.

Multiple and persistent follow-ups

Exhibitor AI persistently follows up with leads. It maintains proper cadence and ensures exhibitors never miss a chance to connect with prospective leads. The objective of Exhibitor AI is to set up a meeting with exhibitors and their prospects.

Revitalize old leads

Have you already given up on your old leads? If you are about to delete the database of your old leads, you should instantly check yourself. Exhibitor AI digs up exhibitors old leads and knocks them.

Reduces grunt work

Exhibitor AI helps exhibitors to reduce grunt work so that your sales team can focus more on the creative work.

If this interests you, visit EXHIBITOR AI and get to know about more its features. Schedule a call so that our reps can get in touch with you.

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