How to Create and Implement A Perfect Virtual Sales Kick-off?

In the middle of the world-wide pandemic and stay-at-home orders, several organizations are facing the challenge of organizing their sales kick-offs at the moment. If you are also planning a sales kick-off event, some questions may come to your mind. How can we motivate the sales representatives to attend the sessions? How can we facilitateContinue reading “How to Create and Implement A Perfect Virtual Sales Kick-off?”

5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos

Videos lie at the heart of virtual events. They make these events dynamic, engaging, and fun, so obviously, the type and quality of videos at your virtual event go a long way towards establishing how successful it is. In a recent webinar, we wanted to create a discussion around the use of video at virtualContinue reading “5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos”

Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings

We are going through uncertain times. There’s a global pandemic that makes in-person events all but impossible in the near future. However, to give up on events altogether is clearly not an option. Event managers are looking for reliable, scalable solutions to host virtual events. Many have looked to the traditional Webinar platforms or Video Meeting solutionsContinue reading “Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings”

Virtual Trade Shows FAQ: 12 Questions Event Planners Ask

With physical events and trade shows set to remain on hold for some time yet, more and more companies with a considerable budget for events are going digital. But, how do you realign a multi-day trade show filled with networking and lead capturing opportunities and insightful sessions to the new world of virtual events? AndContinue reading “Virtual Trade Shows FAQ: 12 Questions Event Planners Ask”

7 Essential Tech Tools for Networking at Events

In a poll conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2016, 78% of startups voted in favor of networking for entrepreneurial success. One of the main reasons why startups and big brands participate in B2B events is to network with the right people. Thanks to advancements in technology, business delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and otherContinue reading “7 Essential Tech Tools for Networking at Events”