Case Study – UAKON 2020

The Challenge Urological Association of Kerala (UAK) was formed in 1983 to promote high standards in the practice and education of Urology in Kerala. The association is also known for organizing various charitable activities. UAK organizes UAKON, an annual conference every year to improve the standard of clinical practice and to promote research activities inContinue reading “Case Study – UAKON 2020”

6 Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual platforms were in their baby stage just a few years ago. In a very short time, their growth has been tremendously high. Initially, the utilization of a virtual platform was introduced as a temporary fix but it surprisingly turned out to be a more efficient solution in more ways than one. Today we’ll beContinue reading “6 Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Fundraiser”

Case Study – How e2m OnAir helped Greenwood High International School to drive engagement at Millennium 2020

Background & Challenge Greenwood High International School is the only international school in Bangalore, India. A recipient of prestigious awards like the Parents Choice Award 2019, India School Merit Awards 2017 and more, the school recently hosted Millenium 2020 – an intra-school virtual event was targeted to students, parents, and teachers. The objective of the the event was to have successful professionals interactContinue reading “Case Study – How e2m OnAir helped Greenwood High International School to drive engagement at Millennium 2020”

Top 10 Virtual Event Hosting Tips for Event Planners

3 months ago when we started our webinar series on virtual events, we shared that the future of the event industry lies in virtual events. After 3 months, we’ve been a trusted virtual event platform for many medium-scale and Fortune 500 companies. Now that the pandemic continues to halt in-person events, we believe it’s timeContinue reading “Top 10 Virtual Event Hosting Tips for Event Planners”

5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos

Videos lie at the heart of virtual events. They make these events dynamic, engaging, and fun, so obviously, the type and quality of videos at your virtual event go a long way towards establishing how successful it is. In a recent webinar, we wanted to create a discussion around the use of video at virtualContinue reading “5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement with Videos”

Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings

We are going through uncertain times. There’s a global pandemic that makes in-person events all but impossible in the near future. However, to give up on events altogether is clearly not an option. Event managers are looking for reliable, scalable solutions to host virtual events. Many have looked to the traditional Webinar platforms or Video Meeting solutionsContinue reading “Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings”

Virtual Trade Shows FAQ: 12 Questions Event Planners Ask

With physical events and trade shows set to remain on hold for some time yet, more and more companies with a considerable budget for events are going digital. But, how do you realign a multi-day trade show filled with networking and lead capturing opportunities and insightful sessions to the new world of virtual events? AndContinue reading “Virtual Trade Shows FAQ: 12 Questions Event Planners Ask”

9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Event More Exciting

Why are we talking about events at a time when business continuity is at risk? Events are a lifeline for companies in the B2B sector. They cannot be stopped. For many companies, they are not only a means for getting business, but also means to drive energy, drive learning, and a means for growth. WithContinue reading “9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Event More Exciting”

Event Feedback that Prompts Constructive Actions

Feedback! Be it employee feedback or customer feedback or feedback of event participants, some people hate to collect them. Are these people apprehensive of criticisms and reluctant to take corrective measures? Not always. Sometimes people hate to collect feedback because be it employees or customers or event participants, there is a propensity to give feedbackContinue reading “Event Feedback that Prompts Constructive Actions”

The Must-Haves In Your Event Planning Checklist

The do’s and don’ts of event marketing are endless. Often when event marketers sit down to make a checklist for themselves, they get lost in the vastness of the million things they need to get done before during and after the event. To make matters easy for them, this post will highlight the absolute mustsContinue reading “The Must-Haves In Your Event Planning Checklist”