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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events

At the beginning of this year, numerous organizations and individuals had ambitious projects aimed at transforming their future. With the ongoing pandemic, most have become still like a lake. Only a few of them were successfully able to utilize and…Read more

6 Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual platforms were in their baby stage just a few years ago. In a very short time, their growth has been tremendously high. Initially, the utilization of a virtual platform was introduced as a temporary fix but it surprisingly turned…Read more

Case Study – How e2m OnAir helped Greenwood High International School to drive engagement at Millennium 2020

Background & Challenge Greenwood High International School is the only international school in Bangalore, India. A recipient of prestigious awards like the Parents Choice Award 2019, India School Merit Awards 2017 and more, the school recently hosted Millenium 2020 – an intra-school virtual event was targeted to students,…Read more