event2mobile to compete at the IBM #WatsonDevCon 2016

IBM watson devcon

November is here and it brings with it the IBM Watson developer conference on the 9th and 10th.The event will be hosted at the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco, CA and it promises to provide a complete hands on experience of the most ingenious use cases of Watson technologies. Team e2m will be showing off their coding skills by participating in the Bot Gallery with the industry’s first ever chatbot for events, Eva!

Who is Eva?

She is a unique chatbot, with a zeal for events & conferences. She sleeps at 4 am and has pizza for breakfast. Her life’s goal is to increase attendee engagement at events and helping them throughout their stay by providing real time information about all event queries. Let us look at some of the most common event scenarios Eva can help with:

  • Finding the scheduled time of a particular session at the conference
  • Finding speakers and specific sessions
  • Getting you a detailed list of all the sponsors of the event
  • Lost your wifi password? Need to find coffee? Can’t wait for lunch? Need the washroom? Wondering if you can find some green tea?

Eva can answer all of that in the blink of an eye and these are only some of her skills.


Be it handling large scale attendee queries, saving time or accelerating networking opportunities, she is the answer to all your questions. Going forward Eva can even delve into scheduling meeting, sending reminders and alerts, providing directions and letting attendees participate in ongoing conversations and activities quite seamlessly. In short Eva is the virtual event attendee everyone has been waiting for.

Already amazed? We haven’t even started on her social skills yet. Say, you are waiting for a session to start and your mind is ready to wander. Eva can keep you engaged better than the girl next door. She is adept at basic mathematics, can translate english phrases in most common languages, she can crack jokes and tell you random fun facts like how far the moon is or very subtly advertise the charm of Las Vegas, the spirit of LA and the culture of Kolkata et al.

Eva @ #WatsonDevCon

Attendees will be welcome to come and interact with Eva throughout the day. She aims towards providing a good user experience alongside being creative and useful. So why wait? Drop by to the Bot Gallery and say hello to Eva. You never know, she might just make your day.

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