Using Mobile Apps for Employee Engagement

Mobile devices can prove to be excellent tools for communication and engagement. Looking at it from the perspective of Human Resource Managers, employee engagement is specifically catered to with the help of certain events. Since people today are most attached to their mobile devices, this post will outline the benefits of employee engagement programs and certain ways in which these events and  programs can be enhanced using the mobile device.

Employee Engagement defines culture of the company

Employee engagement is not a very exact science. Researchers have usually defined it as a positive but fulfilling vocation related to the state of mind. It is mainly characterized by dedication, vigor, and absorption.   A lot about the concept of employee engagement gets built upon positive psychology, HR experiences and also the business model. The purpose is to strive towards engaging an organization’s existing talent to create a productive culture for successful outcomes.  Very similar to an organization’s basic foundation, employee engagement also has certain values that help in determining the what, how and whys of the company.

Thus, it becomes imperative to build a culture that will enable the employees to engage in their work and also with each other.  The organization can benefit from their ability to aim for the much needed extra mile for overall performance.  As more and more organizational leaders are embracing employee engagement, more and more HR professional have it upon themselves to develop as well as ensure engagement encouraging cultures as well as activities.

Your role as an HR to engage your employees effectively

An HR needs to be very clear about the goals of an employee engagement activity before planning it.  It is also an essential prerequisite to planning and define strategies for employee engagement that will be aligned with the goals and vision of the organization.  There are many different ways of engaging employees at the workplace.  Traditional tactics included inspirational quotes and motivational posters to boost employee morale.

The more millennial tactics involve gamification portals or activities that recognize and reward employee contribution and simplify participation.  Presently, these tactics need to be attention grabbing, highly creative, smoothly executed and intrinsically motivational. This is where mobile technology can prove to be a godsend for company based events.

Here’s a beautiful infographic about Employee Outlook from CIPD,

Get on with  Mobile Bandwagon for Employee Engagement :

The new millennium is known as the digital age for very literal reasons.  As technology has developed over the decades, it has taken over most human activities as well as brick and mortar destinations. It has facilitated multiple tasks at the tap of a finger on mobile applications. Additionally, social media has taken over almost every aspect of an individual’s life and is no longer a platform only for personal interactions.   In amalgamation, a mobile device based application with all the social media features can prove to be the best form of engagement platform. This is because people these days seem unable to put down or detach themselves from their devices.  People, in general, enjoy being constantly in touch with their wide social circle while on the go. Mobile applications allow them to mix business with pleasure even at the events. One might argue that interactive web portals also serve the same purpose. However, mobile devices have a far greater reach, are more cost effective as well as fast. It allows HR managers to provide the employees and attendees with a high level of involvement through the apps. Including mobile application for events also reduces the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect. Moreover, it allows customization rather than having a one size fits all approach which makes it all them more favorable.

When it comes to employee engagement programs, favorable mobile applications include different facets like the social wall and photo wall, gamification, feedback and surveys, real-time location, networking features, event specific themes, itineraries and much more. The intention is to keep both employees and attendees hooked to the facilities of the event. The multiple features of the apps enable participation, communication and networking which are key aspects of planning these events in the first place.  The social media integration ensures that the participants can keep talking about the event while enjoying the benefits of social media. It cuts down on the rate of distraction posed by social media in general, while at the event.

Employee engagement activities offer HR managers with a brand new avenue for compensating as well as motivating employees without altering the fundamental nature of the task.  The help of a mobile based app makes the entire process more enjoyable and engaging for the employees. Most importantly, it takes the extra pressure off the HR or the planning team. For once, they get a chance to partake and enjoy the events themselves. The entire process helps in enhancing employee productivity vis-a-vis their perception about their workplace and its activities. Also, it does not require additional resources or compensation making it a win-win situation for everyone.

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